Kronos Dragonborn Academy

DragonBorn Guild Information and Rules

(last updated May 19, 2016)

Guild motto: Ahrk fin norok paal graan fod nust hon zindro zaan, Dovahkiin, fah hin kogaan mu draal! (In English: And the fiercest foes rout when they hear triumph’s shout, Dragonborn, for your blessing we pray!)

Kronos Alliance motto: We pride ourselves in helping each other and the community as much as we can. We are an active group and we are always looking for new ways to show our innovations. We think that you as a player are part of something bigger and so we expect you to make small sacrifices, in return we offer a bit of ourselves to you. Be kind, be helpful and be the best you can be.

Guild rules:

  • Activity: Members gone over 8 days without noticed will be kicked. Members kicked for inactivity will be allowed to return provided there is room in the guild.
    • To give notice, simply say in the guild hall, or in a private message to the guild leader, when you plan leave and for how long. Your name will be put on a “do not kick” list.
  • Promotions:
    • Soldier (the ability to summon raids and remove raid magic) is offered to any member over level 500 who has been in the guild over a week. Members who joined during a guild merge can skip the time requirement.
    • Officer (the ability to promote/demote/accept/kick members and summon campaigns) is given to soldiers over level 1000 who express an interest in helping newbies and play daily or almost daily. Officers are expected to reach out to new members and answer basic questions about the game.
  • Summoning: We do not like failing raids. If you summon a raid, you are responsible for making sure it dies. This doesn’t mean you have to kill it all by yourself – begging for help can also work!
    • Raid etiquette: If a raid has no cooldown at all, feel free to smash it as hard as you want. If a raid has a cooldown, please hold back until time has passed for everyone who wants to hit it to do so (6 hours for Rhalmarius, 2 hours for Elite Gladiators).
    • If you notice that a raid is failing, please notify the guild so we can help.
  • Campaign etiquette: Campaigns have a cooldown, so we’d like to give everyone an opportunity to hit as many nodes as possible. Feel free to utterly crush non-boss nodes, but we would rather you spread your damage around the available nodes than solo one specific node (but you can ignore optional nodes).
    • Gold nodes: Boss nodes and rare spawns are special. Allow these nodes to survive until at least 40 people have hit them, or 12 hours have passed, whichever comes first. Hold back the crazy damage until then.
  • Be helpful! We gain strength from numbers, and numbers means retaining newbies. Be nice to each other. Help newbies make decisions about purchases and gear, if you have some experience. Everyone should be posting helpful links in chat at least once a week, such as a link to the gear proc sheet, or magic list.

Officer expectations:

  • Know our Motto: When asked, any officer should be able to recall the Alliance motto (see the motto above), understand its meaning and should help where possible. An officer should be setting an example to the rest of the Alliance and community as a whole.
  • Use our Protocol: All of Kronos takes pride in helping new members learn about the game, so when a new player is accepted, an officer has to use our introduction protocol for any player under level 1000. All higher level players could be asked the basics: Do you have Mutik? / What is OS? / What gear do you use?
  • Join the Alliance chat: All officers and leader should make sure all guild members join the alliance chat. The information to join this chat will be provided to the leaders and officers. In this chat all smaller and rare raids should be posted to share with friends before being posted to the WC. This applies with specifically to new raids and raids with extremely low health, for example any raid from Zone One through to Zone Nine.
  • Attend Meetings: Once per 3 months we have a meeting, at least one officer or leader of each guild in the Alliance should be present and post the pastebin or the notes in the private/officer chat.
  • Help the world chat: Officers have an even greater expectation to be helpful than soldiers or members.
  • Campaigns: Although all officers have the technical ability to summon campaigns, only dman4835 and the campaign managers are authorized to decide which campaigns we run. Other officers should only summon if the next campaign has been declared.
Name Rank Job
Dman4835 Leader Guild Overlord
Mjolnir Officer Campaign manager
Snade Officer Campaign manager
Area Officer Newbie Guide
Mistoltin Officer Newbie Guide
Soldier Raid summoners
Member Raid smashers, fun havers