Kronos Glory Academy

As different as we are, we rely on each other. We fight not just for ourselves, but for all of us, to become the best we can be. We provide you with friendship, information, and the opportunity to become a true hero. What we ask of you in turn can be read here.


We expect all of our members to be active. By doing so, you will improve and so will the guild as a whole. What does that mean?

  1. We would like you to be active! If you’re inactive for more than 1 weeks without communication, other players will take your place and benefit from our help.
  2. When you’re online, please check our Kong chat room and the guild forum regularly.
  3. Play, participate, socialise!
  4. Level at least 6 times a month to not be kicked. We sort out a portion of our player who don’t meet the following requirements as well
    up to Level required Levels/30d
    800 30
    1000 25
    1500 21
    2500 18
    5000 15


These may also be called “camps”. They consist of several zones called nodes. Occasionally these nodes have special attributes written under their name like Chilling, Cursing, Vengeful (a class or level does less damage due to this) or Regeneration (they can gain back life). When spending honor, we advise you to prioritize camps over adventures and guild raids. We encourage you to do your best on camps. It helps the guild grow rapidly and provides new gear and generals found nowhere else!

Collection Nodes

  • Up to 10 of each item may be contributed on a 25 person collection node
  • Up to 20 of each item may be contributed on a 50 person collection node
  • If the node needs to be completed rapidly, an officer may increase these limits at his/her discretion.

Regeneration Nodes

Once below 50% health, regeneration nodes begin to regenerate health (1% every 10 minutes) – so stop hitting before that trigger is reached. An officer will call for a “NUKE” on these nodes after announcing a set nuke time as soon as possible so all members can pitch in and take that node down. If players state that they will be unavailable at nuke time, let them hit their share before regen is triggered and do your own share preferrably during the nuke. If a guild member accidentally puts a node into regen, that player needs to inform everyone promptly via every chat possible (except World Chat), which means the guild room chat, the Kongregate chat and the in-game chat.

Boss nodes / Gold nodes

These nodes hold rare gear! We want everybody to be able to get their share, so do not hit for more than 5b until timer is down to 5 hours and do not finish the node early. If you are unsure, ask an officer for advice. Additional info will also be provided in node chat.


You can summon your own raids, partake in the guild raids (Graids) or hit the raids in the world chat (WC). People in our guild can even help you find one if you’re look for something particular and give you advice.

  • Always summon raids in the difficulty of Nightmare to enable AP (achievement points) and better loot
  • Magic is fun! Always cast proper magics on a raid, even if you do not plan to hit it! Ideal magics can be taken from the list you find in the MAGICS section
  • Sharing raids gets more players on a raid. For some larger raids, it’s essential to take them down. If you did not summon the raid, do not share the raid unless you have permission from the summoner. If a raid is meant to be kept in the guild, do not share it either.


Guild raids can be summoned in multitude in the guild room by clicking the map on the table. These raids require teamwork and provide some nice loot.

  • GRaids can be summoned quickly, by asking an officer or another member with summoning abilities.
  • Rhal and Grundus require a small amount of damage to get maximum loot (1-H hit), so everyone should take the time to hit those raids. This is called tagging. Note that you’ll have to hit more in order to earn AP (achievement points).
  • When a guild raid goes down, resummon it. If you’re not a summoner yet, ask for it to be summoned. Everybody is responsible in providing a sufficient number of graids!
  • Make sure you hit for FS at least (fair share = 10% of total HP) on small raids with 10 participants max



Together we are stronger, 4 eyes see more than 2, the whole is more than the sum of it’s parts…there are a lot of ways to describe why we are part of the alliance, but the simple reality is: working together in a constructive way makes life much easier. We aim at improving the community as a whole, but we also like to spend a bit of time with our closer friends – the alliance. We pride ourselves on being part of the biggest alliance in DotD. This alliance consists of the following guilds:

  • Kronos I
  • Kronos II
  • Wardens of Tartarus (WT)
  • Kronos Honor Academy (KHA)
  • Kronos Soul Academy (KSA)
  • Kronos Dragonborn Ac. (KDA) and
  • Kronos Glory Academy (KGA, that’s us!).

The alliance gives you access to some of the most seasoned players in the game, they can give you advice on gameplay, making progress and what steps to take to up your game. We also share information about new features in the game. To facilitate this alliance, there is a chat. All guilds are represented in that chat and we’d like you to be a part of that chat as well, which is why we require you to install the alliance chat. If you need assistance in doing so, ask an officer for a instructions and a link. If you leave the guild and this alliance, we expect you to also leave the alliance chat. This is a gentlemen’s agreement.   In general, there’s only one rule regarding the alliance: Treat alliance members as if they were members of you own guild. In detail, that means

  • Do not hit alliance members in PvP
  • Put rare raids you share in guild share also in the alliance chat
  • Some rare raids we’d like you to share: All small raids / all medium raids / Gravlok, Greenkillers, Hydra (large) / Burbata, Rannveig (Epic)


Our members (that’s YOU!) are our most precious assets. The way we treat each other forms the backbone of our community and makes us unique. So please

  • Be polite and respectful. We have people of varying levels and in different countries. To play in a manner otherwise would take away from the warm and friendly environment we’ve tried to achieve. This behaviour is expected in the guild chats as well as the World Chat. If you feel that you’ve been disrespected or treated unfairly, message an officer.
  • Answer questions to the best of your abilities when you’re asked. Share your knowledge by passing it to others. Please point members at the WIKI page though to avoid repetitive questions and ask them to share this knowledge (WIKI).
  • Say “hi” or “bye” once in a while! Show us that you are there and be a part of our community. You’ll experience a lot more fun in doing so!