Kronos Honor Academy

Hello ! Glad you joined our guild. To be able to lead a group of 100 people to a common goal we have some rules. Not to do so would create some major chaotic situations. Please read them and keep them in mind when you make a choice in the game.


We expect our members to be active. By doing so, you improve and so will the guild as a whole. What does this mean for you?

  • Log on and play! If you go longer than one week with no activity and without notifying an officer, you may be booted from the guild. A list of the officers is included below.
  • Hit your chosen raids for minimum fair share (FS), or as close as you can get, and the campaigns when they are going.
  • Play, participate, be social and active!


These may also be called camps. These are like questing zones with only bosses. Occasionally these cast spells (Chilling/Curses), Vengeful (a class or level does less damage due to this) or can be regenerating (they can gain back life). They use HONOR.

  • For nodes that only allow 25 or 50 people, you are asked to join, use your honor and then leave the node. This allows for more members to participate.(Simply click as you would to join and select leave.)
  • You will still get any loot and guild experience that you’ve earned.
  • On nodes that are regenerating, please do not take them below the set limit. Once below 50% health, they begin to regenerate health. An officer will call for a “NUKE” on these nodes, and all members should pitch in to take that node down.
  • If a guild member accidentally puts a node into regen, they need to inform everyone promptly via every chat possible (except World Chat), which means the guild room chat, the Kongregate chat and the in-game chat.


You can summon your own raids, partake in the guild raids (graids) or hit the raids in the world chat (WC). People in our guild can even help you find one if you’re look for something particular and give you advice.

  • Always summon raids in the difficulty of Nightmare. Its not as scary as it sounds and will help you to earn ap (achievement points) and better loot.
  • Magic is fun! However, some magics in this game just plain suck and most of our guild members have acquired something better. So before you cast Lesser Poison, ask people to cast magic on your raid. Many are happy to and won’t hit the raid until you’re ready to share it.
  • Sharing raids gets more players on a raid. For some larger raids, it’s essential to taking them down. If you did not summon the raid, do not share the raid unless you have permission from the summoner. You might even hear something said about keeping a raid in the guild.

Guild Raids (Honor)

Most raids are fine to summon as you wish but there are a few exceptions to what not to summon at which times and under which conditions. Also what raids not to hit at lower levels. Owning Grimoire(a premium general) adds an extra magic slots and as a general rule don’t summon big raids unless you have Grimoire. Guild raids categorized as Small Raids don’t give guild reputation and low level players shouldn’t hit them unless they can reach loot tiers.


Vathik: Do not summon unless you have Grimoire.

Unholy Rite: Do not summon unless you have Grimoire and do not hit unless you can hit FS(5b)

Rhalmarius: Always tag for at least 1 honor (fixed amount of loot for any damage. Good for low levels) and high level players should avoid 1 shotting it(it has 6 hour CD time). Summon whenever it is off CD.

Grundus: Same as Rhalmarius for loot but no CD. Low level players should tag it whenever a new one is up.

Strength Potion: It is okay to summon without Grim but make sure you are not filling last spot and leaving it alive(10playerraid)

Elite Devourer: Do not summon without Grim. Do not summon at all xD (people who should summon it know when to summon). It has no ap, no loot beside sp but gives guild reputation and it is okay to tag for guild reputation.

Soul Collector: Do not summon without Grim.

Black Hand Pillagers: Do not summon without Grim. This is a really big raid so do not summon unless there are at least a few big hitters to hit it.


A few extra notes for raid summoning: do not summon raids in a spree, do not summon a raid you are not gonna hit. High health raids can easily fail this way. If you notice a guild raid with low timer, let people know in guild chat so that we can kill it.


Social Expectations:

  • Be polite and respectful. We have people of varying levels and in different countries. To play in a manner otherwise would take away from the warm and friendly environment we’ve tried to achieve. This behaviour is expected in the guild chats, as well as the World Chat. If you feel that you’ve been disrespected or treated unfairly, message an officer.
  • Answer questions to the best of your abilities when one is asked of you. For example, What is the fair share for the Grundus raid? Answer with the actual number (120 M) instead of just sending people to the wiki page. It is okay to talk to each other. (
  • Say “hi” or “bye” once in a while! We don’t bite (literally, there are computers in front of most of us) and we’re a pretty fun and goofy bunch. Talk about your dog, monkey, friend’s uncle…. all is welcome. Heck, you could even talk about the game, but beware, someone might respond (eek!).
  • There is a three strikes and you’re out policy. If you have a question, please ask.


Officers are people who have taken an active role in helping the guild run smoothly. They have the ability to welcome new members, enforce the guidelines, boot those not following guidelines, summon raids and give promotions.  Each of them may serve a different task for the guild, but regardless, we work together. These are the current officers for the Kronos Honor Academy: Airicko, Aphelion, Bunclefarmer, Dahlen, Duckwade, Flippyfloppy, Fox, Juunash, Nogarth, SaddietheRuff, Stryker, Suheyla, Vash103

Final Words of Wondering…

We don’t wish for you to feel like this is a job. We want all to have fun, play and be social. It makes this game so much more entertaining. At the same time however, we want to grow as a guild and by placing a bit of structure, we will grow and be stronger, together. There are guilds with much stricter “rules”, so consider this our take. These may change from time to time as the need arises and the guild shifts, but we will always have our Honor