Kronos I

Guild Rules


  1. Communication is very important. You must be able to understand us .
  2. We expect to succeed in everything we do. We will reach our starting goals on every campaign and our summoned raids will die. For this, our guild mates will back up each other.
  3. When you log on, you should always take a look at the in-game news and your message wall.
  4. Report any missing info about you on the player’s tab to an officer! (Especially your GMT and any premium magics you might have)
  5. Everyone has the right to summon. All you need to do is read these rules and tell an officer the secret password (it’s hidden in the guild raids section) .
  6. We are all a bunch of friendly people, so let’s mingle! Join the chat on kongregate where we often post instructions and tips. The alliance chat is awesome too.
  7. We work together as a team and help out each other. The well-being of the guild will always be more important than your individual need, but we all will benefit in the end.
  8. Apply good magics, ask in the guild what magics are good for most raids.
  9. If you don’t know something, ask us! But if you haven’t already, you should read the LEON guides first.
  10. You have to gain at least three levels a week to remain active. That’s 0.4 levels per day.
  11. Please inform an officer if you are going to be away for more than three days.
  12. We use a three-strikes-rule for keeping everything in order. We track whether you do something bad and will decide what to do if this happens three times. One strike will be removed at the end of each month, if that strike happened at least 30 days ago.
  13. We have a plan, a goal: on the one hand it is to share on the other to get the most out of the game. If you deviate from the plan too often, we will be forced to remove you for the greater good of the guild.

Guild Raids

  1. As mentioned, everyone can summon. This privilege might be removed temporarily to inform you of a mistake, but will be returned after a set amount of time. As a guild mate, you must be able to summon raids responsibly.
  2. Guild Raid summoning may be disabled by an officer for a certain amount of time. This may be the case if all honour must be focused on a campaign. This will be announced on guild news.
  3. When you kill a Guild Raid, you have to resummon it.
  4. When you bring a guild raid’s health down to below its AP value (1/2 FS), you kill it.
  5. Everyone is allowed to apply and remove magics. If you do not know which magic is good, do not add anything.
  6. Every player should at least tag (hit for at least 1 honour) all (non-small) guild raids before hitting campaigns and adventures. This will only cost 21 honour, but will help the guild and your reputation grow.
  7. Should you ever need to hit 10-man raids, you hit them for at least FS value.
  8. Fun Fact: To verify that you have read these rules and want to be promoted, you will need to whisper the following passphrase to an officer: “Roses are red, violets are blue, dragons like to be tickled, this is not a Haiku.” If you do not see an officer, you can go to their wall and post it there instead.


  1. Keep tagging guild raids, but participate on every node you are able to hit. Don’t just join for the boss node. Lets do it all together.
  2. Only officers are allowed to reset nodes, unless permission is granted.
  3. Share collection nodes. I know some of you can solo them, but do 150 donations max. In frozen war it s appreciated if you donate 3 keys.
  4. We will coordinate strikes against regeneration nodes. Everyone is allowed to do damage to them, but must stay above 50% health. A precise number will be announced in the node chat. Tagging is allowed after that, but you are not allowed to ‘trip’ these nodes, as in damage it to below 50% health, on your own. Wait until enough people are online and a time has been found. Everyone strikes at the same time after that.
  5. Current targets will be announced on the guild news in-game and on guild chat. A damage cap will be announced on the node’s chat, if needed.
  6. By default: Each node has a cap of 1/2 the total HP. Gold nodes have a cap of 1/20th of the hitpoints, until the boss is up. When the boss is up, the cap is doubled to 1/10th. The boss is capped for 1/10th of the total HP.


  • Share: remove some equipment and select an empty legion when hitting small (stamina) raids in guild share or the Alliance chat.
  • Do not attack allies on pvp on the last day of the month ( crown day). This includes every player of Kronos II, Wardens of Tartarus, and Kronos Glory/Honor Academy. It’s okay to hit once or twice the rest of the month, but these are your brothers and sisters in arms, be kind and do not farm them.


All of your officers have sworn to act in the best interest of the guild. If you do not agree with a decision, feel free to ask them about it, as there is probably a very good reason for it. Of course, we welcome contructive feedback.

Our Current officers and their prefered play-time zone are:

  • Cliron, Guild leader – USA
  • Lorena – Euro
  • Keyki – UTC0
  • Thom – Euro
  • Darkmix – Euro (evening)
  • Asada – Random times
  • Shadow – USA

When an officer comes online, we would like him or her to post a recruitment banner and check the inbox for new recruits.


The Raven gear is very strong gear to have, you can craft is with a bunch of guild coins, so it will take some time. Just be sure to hit campaigns and guild raids so you increase in reputation within the guild. The better your personal guild reputation, the better your final campaign loot will be.

Steed of the Western Wold is currently the BEST free mount that is easily obtained. Get 100 of them! Ask in the guild or the allaince chat for the right magics and the way to hit it.

Guides & Wikis

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Useful links

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