Kronos II

Welcome To Kronos II

This guild relies heavily on you doing your part and giving opportunities. This doesn t mean you have to do solo nodes, but just add what you can give to the whole. these rules below are a short version of what we expect.


  • Just say hi and bye when you enter and leave.
  • Join the alliance chat.
  • Tell us when a node dies or when you’re about to kill a camp. This way, people can tag last minute.
  • Wait with joining a campaign until you get a “go”.
  • Tell the guild if you re taking a vacation that s longer than a month.


  • Let people hit special nodes, we really don’t care about the average node, but gold nodes, bosses or special nodes like hullcrushers are capped for 10% of the total HP. When there are no other nodes to hit, double the cap to 20%.
  • If you have a smaller raid, share it to the alliance chat or the guild before posting it in the WC.
  • If you re level 4000 or higher and need to dump honor, you can summon a single BBH, CC or Iron Peak. No need to ask, just make sure you share gold nodes and the boss. Do not hit optional nodes.

Be kind

  • Help each other and they will help you in return, invest your time in others as they might have done for you in the past.
  • If you re using curse words, use them without malice. We don’t want to insult each other.