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Hi all,

I wrote this piece to inform you what my view is on the structure of the guild and why. I hope you ll take a minute to read and get what i m getting at.

What are permissions?

currently KGA has about 50% officers. I m guessing thats because the permissions were never optimalised. Due to old leaders being inactive or not knowledgeable about the options.

So let me explain the options:

These are the permissions within a guild. Every officer has all of them in KGA, and I m thinking… maybe a few are hardly used unless you re VERY invested in the guild. We have editing news and promoting / demoting/ kicking players. I think it would be benificial to have those permissions for a specific core group that wishes this responsibility.


Being an officer sucks… well it really does.. it does if you do it right:  your job is more to facilitate others than to play yourself. Things that need to be done are:

  • checking activity and recruiting
  • updating news
  • have talks with people who are very silent
  • check profiles of players and give them advise via the guild tab when they are online
  • choose which camps to summon and not based on what you need, but what is best for the guild
  • communicate withing the Alliance chat and report bugs so it can be taken to the Devs
  • solve conflicts when they occure
  • redefine and update guild rules
  • etc etc et-frigging cetra

did I mention being an officer sucks?


There is a psychological aspect that occurs when a group is too big; very few people take responsibility, because of the size of the group. This is called diffusion of responsibilities.

Quoting”…. it was found that a subject was much less likely to help someone having a seizure when the subject thought that at least one other subject was also hearing the individual have a seizure. The subject’s likeliness to help decreased with the number of other subjects (up to four) he or she thought were also listening to the seizure. Group size is a key factor to the diffusion of responsibility, as in a different study, it was additionally found that the probability of an individual volunteering to be a primary helper or leader also decreases as the size of the group grows.”

I personally think:

  • the guild would grow greatly if the amount of officers was reduced to 12 active players.
  • All players above level 500 should be soldiers, with all the current permissions, except Kicking and changing the news.
  • All players over level 500 should have read the guild rules well, before being promoted.


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