Welcome to Kronos Dragonborn Academy

Thank you for joining Kronos Dragonborn Academy.

This is a little guide to update you.

1 To join the guild chat on kongregate, click that cog/ gear at the top of kongregate and select “change chat rooms’. Choose Kronos Dragonborn Academy as your new room, it will create a new tab, called guild.

2 If joining the room Kronos Dragonborn Academy isn’t an option, you might have guild rooms disabled in your kongregate settings. Go to https://www.kongregate.com/accounts/<your kong name>/edit and change it, to look like this:


3 Please read these guild rules and ask an officer how to get promoted to soldier and possibly officer in the future.

4 Join our alliance chat, built into the mutik script. You can share and request music and raids there. Just click here for details.

5 If you are using the Abyssal illusionairy squid mount, or just started out and don t have a decent mount:immediatly ask in the guild chat and alliance chat for a “steed of the western wold”-raid.

6 Check this for info on tiers of the campaigns (under the shield in the guild hall) when you’re already strong and this if you have difficulty getting damage on the campaigns.

7 What to tag ( 1 honor/ stamina/ energy)?

Guild raids: Grundus, Rhalmarius and every campaign ( the shield in the guild hall)

Raids in the big bad world: Workshop, Clockwork Destroyer, Beetles, Craenaestra and a few more, ask us in the kongregate chat.

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