Welcome to KSA

Thank you for joining Kronos Soul Academy.

This is a little guide to update you.

1 To join the guild chat on kongregate, click that cog/ gear at the top and select “change chat rooms’. Choose Kronos Soul Academy as your new room, it will create a new tab, called guild.

2 If joining the room Kronos Soul Academy isn’t an option, you might have guild rooms disabled in your kongregate settings. Go to https://www.kongregate.com/accounts/<your kong name>/edit and change it, to look like this:


3 Please read this and send the secret password to one of the officers in a PM or on their wall in the game: you will be promoted to soldier.

4 Join our alliance chat, built into the mutik script. You can share and request music and raids there. Just click here for details.

5 If you are using the Abyssal illusionairy squid mount, or just started out and don t have a decent mount: immediatly ask in the guild chat and alliance chat for a “steed of the western wold”-raid.

6 Check this for info on tiers of the campaigns when you’re already strong and this if you have difficulty getting damage on the campaigns.

7 What to tag ( 1 honor/ stamina/ energy)?

Guild: Grundus, rhalmarius and every campaign ( the shield in the guild hall)

Raids in the big bad world: Workshop, Clockwork Destroyer, Beetles, Craenaestra.


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