Is it worth it?

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This is the one question that frustrates me most.. and you have no idea what I am talking about, right? Let me explain.

When a new gear set is added to the game or some semi or full premium is on sale, thereĀ are people who spam the World Chat with the question above. Those players most likely have limited PC and/or are very concerned with being as efficient as possible.

Now if you ever asked this “Is it worth it?”-question, please answer my question: “Is the candy in my left pocket bigger than the one in my right or is it just my imagination?” If you are confused now and hopefully just made a funny face, you might know how I feel sometimes. How can I know if that 1500/1100 general is good for your legion?

I don’t know:

  • If you have a slot in your legion.
  • If you have a full set of premiums.
  • What raids you usually hit.
  • How much PC you have.
  • How close you are to the next king’s bounty.

So maybe with this post i can reduce the amount of times this wretched question is asked. Just buy any 50 PC troop/armament and any premium. Do not gamble on the mystery pack unless you’re missing a lot of premiums and have too much PC burning a hole in your pocket.

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2 thoughts on “Is it worth it?”

  1. Add to that the odd legion (at 10PC, they are cheap enough) and you already have your entire free player shopping list.

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