Keykis approach to Motivation

I am referring to Toine’s latest post, where he talks about how high level players often tend to have little motivation between the patches. Because they complete new content too fast to keep up the motivation, they might eventually get bored out. I often see these players complaining about “meh, too easy”, “meh, only PC patch”, “done, see you next week” and the like. In my opinion this only spreads negativity and makes other people enjoy the game less. A downward spiral of motivation could form.

I suppose it is the lack of long-term goals people could set for themselves to cause such a lackluster view of the game inbetween the patches.

Of course new content should be made available in a realistic timeframe to not scare younger members away. You need to set goals that stretch longer to stay motivated throughout the weeks/months. Such goals could be: 

  • Getting orange/red AP on raids/quests/camps
  • Reaching a certain rank on attack/defense/perception leaderboards
  • Getting those old items and just complete your collections,
  • Aquiring all premiums, maybe even half-premiums
  • Reaching top positions in pvp
  • Create tools to helps yourself and others
  • Take on an active role in the community

In my opinion, the game offers enough incentives and i despise everyone who blames the game/the developers to not finding enjoyment in it. Yes, they make mistakes. Yes, some of them are serious. But does saying “They fucked up again, game is going to die” make it better? Certainly not.

I know this game is not enjoyable to everyone and that is okay. You don’t like it? Feel free to move along. But do not spoil it for others by constantly nagging and being rude.

It’s your choice. Take it.

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One thought on “Keykis approach to Motivation”

  1. (10:03) Neyl: basically, what Keykis is writing can be summarised as a quote from father Andersen (hellsing anime)
    (10:03) Neyl: “If anyone does not love the Lord, Jesus Christ, let him be accused! Oh Lord come, AMEN!”



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