How to Install Mutik Script and activate Alliance Chat


So, there are already articles here that describe how to install the (old) Mutik script and one that links to the new one. Today I want to create one article targeted at new people in the Kronos Alliance that covers both aspects.

You are probably already aware that the Kronos Alliance (currently) consists of 6 guilds in total. There is a way to enable a common guild chat with all 6 guilds, that I want to show you today. In addition, you will have access to neat features such as automatic catching and joining of raids from world chat, raid filtering, disabling of unwanted Kongregate frames and more.

The Base

Our friend Mutik has created a userscript that makes our life in DotD easier. In order to get your browser to accept any userscript, you will first have to install a container addon for userscripts. Tampermonkey has proven to do the job well and it doesn’t take much ressources off your machine. Pick the link that has the name of the browser that you are currently using:

After you installed that, restart your browser completely. Don’t forget to keep the link to this article, though 😉

The Script

Now that you have your container, it is time to get juicy with the actual Mutik script. Visit this page and click  kong_ng.user.js .

<—  just click the word there  on the real page


Don’t download or add it but just click the word and on the next page, select “install”.


Refresh the page once more now. Don’t be shocked, it will look a bit different than what you are used to.

Congratulations, you have the script installed and ready to go. In the following paragraph, I’ll show you how to get into the shared Kronos guild chat. (Kronos and allies only)

The Alliance Chat

Now, I don’t to bore you with all the details of Mutik script. You may want to explore these on your own or ask a fellow guildmate for hints. We are going to enable the Alliance Chat now.

First, bring up the script’s options with the arrow at the top-right corner:

Then select “Tools”. Enter the channel name “kronos”. The password is obtained from your guild leader or an officer. Click “join” and you’re already in!

That is basically it. Thank you for reading. Looking forward to share some raids with you!


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9 thoughts on “How to Install Mutik Script and activate Alliance Chat”

  1. i would like to add a few words about the installation of mutik’s.

    You can find info about the ways of using this raid catcher here.

    In order to enable the alliance chat you will have to to open the options. Alliance Chat

    Now Go to TOOLS. Enter the channel name “kronos”. The password is “time”. Click “join” and you’re in.

    In order to enable the guild’s forum area do the following. Go to OPTIONS, tab KONGREGATE, and click the “Hide forum area” so that it writes OFF.

    Guild's forum At the bottom of the page and under the games window, the guilds forum will appear.

    Guild's forum appearance

    You are set now.


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