Kronos Requirements

Kronos Requirements

We pride ourselves in helping each other and the community as much as we can. We are an active group and we are always looking for new ways to show our innovations. We think that you as a player are part of something bigger and so we expect you to make small sacrifices, in return we offer a bit of ourselves to you. Be kind, be helpful and be the best you can be.

A Kronos guild has these requirements:


  • Use the Kronos Name: Any Guild within Kronos has a name starting with Kronos.
  • Know our Motto: When asked, any Officer or Leader of a guild within the Kronos Alliance should be able to recall the Alliance motto (see the motto above), understand its meaning and should help where possible. An officer or leader of any Kronos guild should be setting an example to the rest of the Alliance members and community as a whole.
  • Use our Protocol: In Kronos we take pride in helping new members learn about the game, so when a new player is accepted, an Officer has to use our introduction protocol  here for any player under level 1000. All higher level players could be asked the basics: Do you have Mutik? / What is OS? / What gear do you use?
  • Join the Alliance chat: All officers and leader should make sure all guild members join the alliance chat. The information to join this chat will be provided to the leaders and officers. In this chat all smaller and rare raids should be posted to be share with friends before being posted to the WC. This applies specifically to new raids and raids with extremely low health, for example any raid from Zone One through to Zone Nine.
  • Attend Meetings: Once per 3 months we have a meeting, at least one officer or leader of each guild should be present and post the pastebin or the notes in the private /officer chat.
  • Help the WC: Once a week each member of the Alliance has to post a helpful link in the WC, so that there is a seemingly constant method for any player to seek the information and assistance they might need. For example, a link to the forum post with help on the Catapult mini-game during the events like Festival of Drifting Dreams. A forum post like this is already existent but could be edited to provide more links to be of more use to the wider player-base. Other examples for usefull links are keyki gear ( ) and patchnotes.
  • Grow and uphold: The Kronos guilds are level 9 or higher. Once a month they need to be on the top 25 in the weekly rankings. They all need to have 66 or more active members.

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