Kronos Looking Back

Friends, so much has happened last year that it will be difficult to bring it to you in a few short lines. We have lost people dear to us and have found friends in strangers.

What was going on?

As we have done for the past years, we tried to help the community where we could, which this year revolved around helping the most vulnerable players: the new players flooded by the size of this game. We have done this in several ways, some did private tutoring and accepting players without true firepower to their guild, others wrote a guide for what raids to hit ( ), what gear to use on specific raids ( ) or wrote scripts ( ).

We have build up a name of a friendly open group that has the best of intentions for the community and the game, this makes me really proud. Thank you all.

Where are we going?

The success of the Academies is quite visable, they are always full, but this is also an issue: how can we guide people if we don t have room. This needs to be solved or an alternative needs to be found. Here are some options:

  • Server wide development the squire program is something I have been working on behind the scenes. I expect you to keep this it within Kronos of course (with the exception of WoT )
  • I am also in talks with Dark Souls and DragonBorn to see if they can be a part of our family as a new Academy. talks have recently started and we shall see where it leads. Also they are mostly in a different bracket for PvP, so the higher level players won t get blocked too much there.
  • We have been helping other guilds with links to information and we gave them intake procedures server wide, so they can educate them that way

What do we need?

  • Basicly i have been recruiting for all guilds for the last year: i have arranged mergers and taught individuals, we accepted starting players to K2 before they went to another part of Kronos, but with me being mod and being busy in general, each guild should have at least 3 recruiters with the ability to accept players , who once a day each write a recruiting message in the WC followed by banner that people can click to join (invite friends button). When they have accepted a recruit they should use this as a guideline:
  • We will need a new website if Dark Souls or DragonBorn joins Kronos. Currently we cannot access  the website to edit and update it. The level tracker is down and Idrinth has made an excellent replacement we could use. ( )
  • The Alliance chat must from now on be made to be internal: in time we are going to switch over to a new server, it s easier if we make it internal first. Here is how you do it: go here in the mutik script, insert the server adress (copy paste) and check the box “enable alliance chat”.
  • Players with initiatives to help the community should be helped in any way. Any facilities within Kronos are at their disposal. You can ask for think-tank sessions, programmers, contact with people more closely to the development of the game and more.
  • We need all guilds to be aiming for any spot in the top 25 on camps. This is one of the best ways to be able to get people to join: people feel confident that the guild is active and able to support the players in what they need. Another way to get our name out there is to use banners/ signatures on the forum, including your guild name.

Finally I would like to thank all the leaders for bearing this burden, all officers for their constant help and hard work to facilitate the pleasure for the players, and all members and soldiers for being there and making Kronos your home. Also I would like to emphasize all the effort Mutik has put into this community, with his constant innovations like a new parser (data inspector) ( ) and WoT for their friendship and support.

Let’s make 2016 even better, people !

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