A New Academy

After talking to the leaders of the Kronos guilds we decided to expand Kronos, with a majority vote. One leader told us to take it slower and we will keep this in mind.

What is going on?

Legacy of a Thousand Suns is shutting down, and this will mean influx of new players.

We were already busy with creating a new Academy, helping the guilds DragonBorn and Dark Souls to intergrate within the way we have formed our culture over the years, but this LoTS situation will force us to speed this process up and grab this opportunity.

Where are we going?

As it was stated in Kronos Looking Back the success of the Academies is quite visible. We need to keep our standards high, but for me personally it is hard to actually know what is going on in the guild. I sometimes ask members how they experience their guild, but i fear i often get socially acceptable answers instead of the blunt truth. This is also partially due to the Kronos guilds just being a step up from their old guild and they feel it is “good enough”. Please note: i say this with no negative judgement to any guild. That aside: I want to be able to give at least DragonBorn some insight in how we do things in Kronos and how we can help them to improve.

What do we need?

  • I would love to have an officer from each guild join DragonBorn temporarily and help to give insights into possible options to improve. To players wanting to volunteer: I would like to help you to be my eyes and ears and at least once a week have a talk with me and think about possible solutions to issues you encountered in DragonBorn.
  • Reminder for all guilds to assign 3 recruiters from each time zone. Not only for their own guild, but also to find players for DragonBorn and Dark Souls.

Pimpslap2/ K2_Toine* on behalf of Kronos. February 2016.

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