The DragonBorn Academy

Dragonborn joined Kronos, this raises some questions about the future. This newsletter is to explain the current situation and the next steps. The previous newsletter can be found here: A New Academy

What is going on?

Dragonborn has always helped players of all levels, in fact little will change except for a few things: DB will be helped by implementing protocols for intakes and camps, will get access to the alliance chat (programed by mutik) full of private raids and info by venerated players, will get first access to new scripts and info from the Devs, had a name change to Kronos Dragonborn Ac. (KDA)  and will not be attacked in PvP by any member of Kronos.

Where are we going?

I want KDA to flourish, to do this a few members and officers i trust, will join up with KDA to help with camps. Also they will see what the customs of KDA are so they can tell me and we can think of alternatives if needed.

What do we need?

  • We need all players to join the alliance chat, to meet their new brothers and sisters. To do this you first need the mutik script. I will explain everything on page 2.
  • We need you to post useful links to players who need them: we have a lot of new players coming in from LoTS.. but if they are not helped, they will leave quickly. You need to help keep this community up.
  • We need you to read the rules as they are discribed here: if you don t understand or agree with a specific rule, you can always talk to an officer or Dman
  • We need you to be open, we will work hard to get this guild as active and fun as possible, so please contribute any way you can to make this happen. 

How to get into the alliance chat?

  1. I am assuming you all have the Mutik Raidcatcher. If you do not, please read this:
  2. Start your game up with mutik active. go here in the mutik script, insert the server adress (copy paste) and check the box “enable alliance chat”. If you have any problems, you can reach any of the officers or leaders in Kronos. If you wish to reach me just type “/w pimpslap2 hi “in the kong chat.

Lastly i want to thank all the players from Dragonborn to do a leap of faith and putting trust in Kronos. I hope you feel welcome and drop a line so we get to know you through the alliance chat. Lets make this game even better !!!

Pimpslap2/ K2_Toine* on behalf of Kronos. February 2016.

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