A New Beginning To Dark Souls

So i ve been travelling from guild to guild and seeing some outstanding guilds. Currently the plan is to go to Dark Souls next.

What is going on?

Dark Souls has always impressed me with their kindness, but they are struggling slightly with recruiting.I met some very friendly people from The New Beginning and these two guilds seem to be a real match made in heaven: friendly, cooperative and a tight group.

Where are we going?

I would like all players from The New Beginning to join Dark Souls, Dark Souls will accept you with open arms. When Dark Souls is level 9 they will change their name to Kronos Dark Academy and officially join the Kronos Alliance.

What do we need?

  • We need all Dark Soul players that accept their new guild mates from The New Beginning to ask them 2 questions: “Do you have mutik?” and “Is there any way i can help?”  A post in the guildroom welcoming the new player would be very pleasant.
  • We all need to be open to  small changes, we can learn from eachother if we allow ourself to learn. We will work hard to get this guild as active and fun as possible, so please contribute any way you can to make this happen.
  • We need to know from PonTon, Felkri, SOK40, Slayra and Dragonhunter which time zones they have so we can see which of them could compliment the time zone coverage of officers being online in Dark Souls.

Reminder: when you join dark souls you need to clear your cache memory to be able to see the guildroom, or select “change room” in kongregate chat a few times.


How to get into the Mutik script?

  1. I am assuming you all have the Mutik Raidcatcher. If you do not, please read this: http://www.dawnofthedragons.com/forums/forums/showthread.php?49990-How-to-install-the-Mutik-raidcatcher-script

Lastly i want to thank all the players from The New Beginning to take a leap of faith and putting trust in Kronos. I hope you feel welcome and drop a line if you need me. Lets make this game even better !!!

KongID: Pimpslap2  / ING: K2_Toine* on behalf of Kronos. Beginning of march 2016.

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