Travelling Other Guilds

We mixed some things up, you ll be pleasantly surprised. The link to our previous newsletter:

What is going on?

  • In the last few weeks, Edi has been instated as the leader of KGA, he will as always try and help people as much as possible, but the officers should assist him where they can of course. congratulations, Edi.
  • Bosko went to KDA and Dirty will return from KDA to K2, i d like to thank both these players for helping in such a direct way.
  • Hadriex has made very informative and fun videos how to get started in DotD, please check them out and
  • K2_Toine/ Pimp has left the building: I demoted myself to help other guilds for a month, I’ll pay the Kronos guilds a visit, but i ll also help smaller guilds to get them ready for newer players. Watch that application page officers, i might be there .. muhahahaha
  • Ryan (KGA) had a baby  🙂 you can see his birth card here:

Where are we going?

We need some extra exposure and to fix some bonds that might have been damaged in time. for now just do what our motto states: “be the best you can be.” You guys represent the guild, so make it count !


What do we need?

  • We need all players to join the alliance chat. To do this you first need the mutik script. I explained everything how in the last newsletter ( link on top of this page)
  • We need to be able to accept players from LoTS , also it would be a good idea to recruit while you’re grinding to level 1000 there. To make room, use Indrith’s script to see who is inactive and remove those players so others can apply. use this link: select guild search to find your guild and sort on levels gained this month. a sidenote: check if the levels match their current levels, if their current level is higher, that means they opted out of UpUg, so you cannot determine if they are inactive that way. I would consider less that 10 levels a month inactive, but this is at the leaders discression of course.

Thank you all for being you, I m proud to be surrounded by people of such character

Pimpslap2/ K2_Toine* on behalf of Kronos. End of February 2016/ beginning of march.

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