What Did the Different Guilds Learn?

Kronos Dragonborn Ac.

“If you race to the boss in a campaign, the people who care about optional nodes will still have time to hit them afterwards”- an officer from KDA

  • Tip: if you skip the optional nodes of a campaign and reset them when the boss is up, you ll give stronger players a way to spend honor while keeping the boss up longer for the players who need a bit more time. This way you give all players what they need: the newer players time to hit a tier (on the boss) and the higher level players a spot to put their honor ( optional nodes) after they reached a good tier on the boss.

“I made a point of trying to interact with everyone.” – an officer from the KDA

  • Tip: a personal message telling people there is a new guild raid up, or a new node has spawned is a good way of starting a conversation. Use this moment to ask the player if they are using a mount like SotWW and have Mutik installed. People want to be noticed and feel connected. Why else they do something for the team?   

Kronos Honor Academy

“I would say the most important thing i got from your visit would be that we should use the private chat a little more, other then that: optimising our camps.” – an officer from KHA

  • Tip: Often guilds doing campaigns forget that not every player knows the difference  between an optional camp node and a mandatory one. Inform them by posting it in the guild hall and the node.
  • Tip: It would be public shaming, to discuss a member/ soldier misbehaving in open chat. Instead use private chat to discuss it among officers.

Dark Souls

“You help people and think about others in the game and you focused on building bonds in the guild to make it stronger and more fun.” – a soldier from DS

  • Tip: Guilds should be fun, challenge your guildies with fun quizes, and tell them to greet the guild room when entering and leaving it. Notice people;  they aren t damage dealing robots, they are people who choose to spend their time in your guild.

Sword of Honour

“The most important thing learned, the idea to merge with a small guild will probably have the biggest effect I’d say. There were a lot of useful links too. And the private chat will be useful. We cleaned up our Rules section and will make more effort to point new members to them.” – an officer from SoH

  • Tip: Rules are not a way to limit players, it s a way to give them direction and stability. You could refer to them to guidelines to give them a more positive spin.
  • Tip: keep recruiting, all the time. players quit and others have to take their place. I know some guilds have inactives in the guild for sentimental reasons, that s fine of course.Just don t let sentimentals pull you down.
  • Spend time helping lower level players to ensure the recruits of the future. Some guilds hae requirements like “level at least once a day” or “minimal level 1000 to apply” but unless you re sowing the seeds of the newer generation, all you do is make the land barren. Get people enganged, even if they are currently not in your guild and help them shine.

“Especially helpful was just having someone to point me in the right direction to find useful information. Someone to explain what some of the more hidden elements of the game is a way to keep newer players engaged with the game.” – a member from SoH

  • Tip: This game is quite big, and especially starting players need a specific goal. I usually suggest the Scrolls of Dahrizon. If you don t help them with a goal, they could get demotivated quickly. As stated previously: get into contact with players; being an officer is: 60% caring and communication. 20% being proactive and 20% knowing what you re talking about.

Kronos Glory Academy

“If you refrain from adding fatigue to some of your camps, you will be able to speed up your camp summon cycle significantly. In the long run, this will be far more beneficial to the guild and you won’t miss mandatory items” – an officer in KGA

  • Tip: this also helps newer players which really struggle to do damage to reach tiers which give epics: not every player does billions of damage, help them grow and don t force them to do 40% more damage. Wait till they have more gear.

“Always post caps (if any) to important nodes (gold/boss), no matter how self-explanatory you think they are.” – an officer in KGA

  • Tip: people get enthousiastic when they see something rare, reminding them to share is important ! A copy/pasted message in whisper in kong or WC is also an option. For instance: “gold node is up, remember to hit, check the node chat for tiers and the cap “


“I learned 2 things: communication and communication; on one hand use all available ways to bring information to the guild as a whole. we normally used the chat in the guild room, cause it is persistent, but sometimes barely noticeable. on the other hand: to talk more to the guildmembers directly, not only to provide information for the guild as a whole, but to get more in touch with everyone.” – an officer from DarkSide

  • Tip: Bluntly said: people are blind as a bat sometimes. But in some cases they have the chat in the campaign nodes minimalised. You could start out your first contact with such a member by “yelling’ at them, but i d rather not. I did an experiement once: I started a whisper with “can we talk for a second? “ before telling the player (s)he did something that really helped me. It confused them, because many people are used to only being noticed when they do something wrong. Think about it, how do you expect people to be lively and chatty when they know being noticed is often a bad thing?

“I have never thought of it (Personal messages in the guild) as a channel for communication” – an officer in DarkSide

  • Tip: Realise you can use the guild list as a real time display of who is active, also you can whisper people in the guild without having to add them to your army. You can inform people immediatly about the current state and needs of the guild as well as possibilities like gold nodes or bosses.
  • If you give the player feedback on overhitting something or ignoring the chat in the node, maybe start with: “is it possible you minimalised your node chat?” This gives them a way out and gives them a chance to modify their behavoir without the experience of getting noticed being unpleasant. Punishment is 60% gratifying your own need for justice. think about the goal: you want to help someone to share or be efficient, not manifest your rage on him/her.

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