April Fools


What is going on?

I have been travelling guilds and helping where I can, but i also did this for inspiration: each guild has it s own unique way of doing things and there was much to learn. The process was tiring and envigorating at the same time.  Read newsletter 4b for more information.

Where are we going?

It might be april fools, but there is no joke in me saying we need to help all our players to enjoy the game. often there is frustration and negative thinking when a ER has less hitters than the previous one. I suggested to the devs to encourage people to share ERs to friends. We’ll see what effects that will have.

What do we need?

  • We need a new website soon: this one is partially not functional and cannot be updated. Idrinth is doing a lot for this community, so in no way will he be tasked with this. We need a voluntier to set something up. Update: i had contact with the original designer and the domain is in my name now. We need at least someone to host if for now or it will do down on the 8th of April.
  • We need people to spread links for ERs and WRs when they are up. Get the numbers of hitters up, this will have a positive influnce on the atmosphere.

Reminder: these redeem codes currently work: Slayer, fb15np04, beaster16, beaster160, Aprfool16

— Pimpslap2/ K2_Toine* on behalf of Kronos. April ¬†2016.

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