Aqua April

What is going on?

I found a new way to recruit, thanks to Idrinth script. If you wish to install it, use this link: reach me if you need recruits and i will point you in the right direction.

Where are we going?

Our technology needs an update, and we re working on it. Also we re busy to try and provide players who have very specific wishes with a solution, made to order. This could include giving the chance to farm Guildraids for AP in another guild, so you can buy the new premium or help people with a creative idea, but you need to tell us, so we can help !

What do we need?

  • We still need a new website: the old one is down for the count. Keyki suggested an alternative, I don t know if we can put in all the information like I want, We ll have to check that. But he is one of the few who took initiative and i really appreciate this.
  • We still need people to spread links for ERs and WRs when they are up. Get the numbers of hitters up, this will have a positive influence on the atmosphere.
  • We need to use a new alliance chat. The way to get it will be explained below.

How to get the new alliance chat.

step 1: Have the Mutik script and click: Raids > Opts > Alliance chat options

step 2: Disable both “ Alliance chat “and “external chat server”

step 3: Ask an officer for the channel and password (no capitals)

step 4: Enable the “Alliance chat” option.


— Pimpslap2/ K2_Toine* on behalf of Kronos. April  2016.


PS: Yes buy the new premium, it rocks !

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