My Apologies

What is going on?

  • We got a new magic from the WR, which was nerfed.
  • We got a new premium (Bosso) and yes it is awesome.
  • We have a new website, thanks to Keyki and Idrinth.
  • Mimzy has become the new community manager, as Logann leaves us. He will make a puzzle game.

The Magic of Apologies.

One of the persons who tried to get the magic nerfed was me. I ll explain why below.

  • The magic caused players to massively make new accounts, because LSI isn’t capped below level 100. This would cause people to make characters that are not within the lines of the game.
  • The magic is so OP, that if will cause EVERY raid to have it. This is a sign it is out of balance compared to other magics.
  • The magic would cause the majority of the game to reduce to 1 hitting every raid. This would cause a lot of lag for all players.
  • The magic causes the effect where damage is no longer important. If you want SP, just auto-1 hit a private raid and walk off for a few hours. This will decrease the value of the game in a big way.
  • check this video out 🙂

Where are we going?

Dark Souls is slowly but steadily getting to level 9 at what point they can join the Kronos Alliance, striving to reach level 10.

What do we need?

  • We need to have at least 6 active officers per guild, I often have a recruit that cannot be accepted.
  • We need every member to post all small raids we summoned ourself in the alliance chat. ( you also need to join it, ask your officers how ) give your guildies at least 10 minutes to hit before you pub them okay?


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