Newsletter May 2016

May I? What is going on?

It s always a point of discussion how to approach players who do things that are not in line with what officers expect of them. But how do you deal with that? to give all officers some ideas i made this sheet. I d like everyone that reads this newsletter to state his rank and the way they feel such situations should be handled. <- there.

Where are we going?

As i tried to say in many other newsletters in an indirect way: we need to let go of our ego and focus on having fun and being together. We re not elitists, we re people who like to help others, lets keep that spirit high and not fall under the weight of our own self impossed importance. Many guilds have suffered this way. Let’s learn from that instead of repeating their mistakes.

What do we need?

  • I haven t had the time to fix the new website. If anyone would like to pick this up, I’d really appreciate it.
  • I’m standarising which raids should always be posted to the alliance chat. Check this link:
  • Write in the sheet about getting feedback on your actions.
  • Edi will join Kronos II for a limited time, Dirty will join up with KGA to compensate..
  • We need everyone  to use a new alliance chat. The way to get it, is explained below.

How to get the new alliance chat.

  1. Have the Mutik script and click: Raids > Opts > Alliance chat options
  2. Disable both “ Alliance chat “and “external chat server”
  3. Use the name *** as a channel and use *** as a password (no capitals)
  4. Enable the “Alliance chat” option.

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