Halfway through the year

June and a half 2016

What’s going on?

  • We’ll have a mystery event soonish.. what could it be?
  • KarateKid will be starting a new study soon, send her your congrats and support !
  • The academies are pretty full with active members.
  • Dark Souls is almost level 9 and will join us soon.
  • Mat, Otto, Nora and Idrinth have been helping another guild, Superzooi will do the same by visiting our allies Wardens of Tarterus.

Where are we going?

  • I wish all Kronos guilds to be at at least 85 active members. I’m doing my part I feel, but I need help.
  • We’re going to an alliance with Dark Souls. They worked hard and earned a spot with us. Lets make them feel welcome when the time is there.

What do we need?

  • Allthough i asked all the guilds to recruit, i only see a small amount of players recruiting. If you want your guild to be successfull, keep the chat lively, make sure you’re at 99 members so people can apply and have people who can accept members; sometimes it’s REALLY hard sometimes to find an officer online. Make sure all officers are in the alliance chat so i can give them a headsup that there is a recruit. Reach me if you have trouble with getting the alliance chat.
  • When KarateKids study starts people from K1 need to step up, let her or another officer know that you wish to contribute in keeping your guild great !

We re doing great as an alliance, i m just trying to dot the i’s. A special thanks for KarateKid for all she has done for her guild. She reached me and together we searched for members to compliment the K1 roster.

See you soon, Toine

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