Innovations and Ideas

Hi people !

So i was wondering if you had some ideas, concerning future features, adapting older concepts, or any good inspiration for the devs in general. I would like at least one page full of your creativity !  I know you can do it. I will present this list to the developers when we have a full page.

Good luck ! Follow this link to make your voice be heard. – K2-Toine

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4 thoughts on “Innovations and Ideas”

  1. a) slots for legions, it would be nice to have 2-3 different setup for the same legion

    b) filter legion by specific special power (like “all vs dragons”)

    c) ap for the number of legions owned

    d) something usefull to craft with the pvp drops

    e) resources that can be used to craft other things shouldn’t appear in the stat section

    f) new adventures or more interesting loot

    g) some kind of warning or stop if the hit would make you level up

    h) more free armaments

    i) loyalty chests always in bazaar and something new more often for gold coins

    l) a different color in world chat for people already in your army, to make easier to add the missing ones

    m) remove from crafts things from event that will never be ran again (misc tab have 115 pages, events 182…)

    n) cache the images.. why reload all of them every time I change page?????




  2. -- looting camps without rejoining camp menu

    -- some usefull feature for looting raids -- ‘loot this page’ button = 10 raids, or somethink like ‘autoloot after raid’s dead’ checkbox

    -- caching pictures (items, campain maps, quest maps)

    -- changes in adventurs -- usable loot, more items for adventures

    -- filter for generals and troops (searching)

    -- usable quest rewards -- compared to ene raids, is the reward marginal

    -- save button for sets ‘armor set + legion’ (now i need to chose armor, going to legion menu and chose legion)

    -- more sets for one legion (typical ED -- set against dragons and general set)

  3. An Engage Button on Guild Raids when I join them.  It would eliminate plenty of extra clicks.  It gets on my last nerve going back and forth in between the GR’s screen and Raids screen.



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