The End of the Dawnniversary

June 2016

Whats going on?

  • Dawnniversary is coming to a close. We got a lot of free stuff and I hope everyone liked it. We’ll also be treated on an Ultimate Lair ER, which has been something many players have requested.
  • Currently I’m getting some reports about campaigns and the lower participation. Campaigns are the ideal way to work together in a way that benefits all, a show of how good your guild is at teamwork. It’s completely understandable that a level 50 cannot hit the minimum epic tier of 4 bill on a Nightmare Queen campaign, but Bastion of Blood and Monsters and Magma with 5 million minimum tag and 200 for epics, should likely be possible.
  • Nogarth will be leaving his position of leader of KHA, more information on this further on.
  • We have our first Demi-God. Gratz Warlok on level 10.000.

Where are we going?

I want to checking which players actually contribute to their guild, we’re in this together and as our motto dictates: “We think that you as a player are part of something bigger and so we expect you to make small sacrifices, in return we offer a bit of ourselves to you.” With last month being all about aquatic raids.. maybe i should explain in a metaphor:


In Kronos, you can be a lurking hermid crab or a hungry Sea Anemone, just don’t be the dead shell.

For now I think it s too early to set a minimum amount of damage (on average) based on level, but remember, it s a two-way street: you can’t just benefit from the guilds without giving a bit back. So here are some things you should be mindfull of:

  1. Be communicative: not just by asking questions but also if you can help others. Ask about the choices others make and learn from that.
  2. First thing you do when coming online is going to campaigns ( that shield in the guild hall) and at least tagging each node you can so you get AP and are able to help your guildies more in the future by getting anti-camp gear.
  3. When coming online: Hit at least 5 guild raids. If you have mutik and you wish to know for how much you should hit: use the command /raid (raidname) in the kongregate chat.

The Logann freemium is obtainable in campaingns.

What do we need?

Lastly I would like to thank Nogarth for his service as leader of Kronos Honor Academy and leave you with his words:

Hi everyone, for the last year i have been the leader of KHA. As most of KHA probably knows by now i will be stepping down as leader in the next couple of days. Have had a great time in this guild i joined about 400 days ago and have watched this guild grow alot during my time here and am happy to have meet everyone thats been around during the time i have been around. At this time i feel myself not suited to be leader, but will still be around as a regular officer. Hopefully i have done a decent job as guild leader at least 🙂 Im sure the next leader, which will be FlippyFloppy, will do a great job and we will grow even stronger in the future.

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