End of the festival, go home !

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Hello community,

The festivities are coming to an end, time to evaluate and create ideas for the future.

To me, the festival hasn’t changed much compared to the previous years. Sure there probably was some tweaking of the numbers, but I was hoping for new things to exite me. I will list some ideas I have, that could improve it, I would love for you to add your own in the comments.

  1. The Catapult: my suggestion is to take another game on kongregate or facebook, like “Siege the castle”or “Angry Birds” and when you reach a specific level there, you get an item for DotD. This will bring some freshness to the game and people playing the other game, might notice DotD and come join our fine community.
  2. The Dummies: make them start over from scratch if you finished them or even just up the HP (the second time around). I finished these dummies without spending a single ticket, I might be willing to put some tickets in if I get a chance at another courier bag.
  3. The Fortune Teller: instead of some boost or item, let people get a quest, similar to a daily quest, with a more desireable reward.
  4. The Vortex: Sometimes when you least expect it .. some monster jumps out, beat it to get its essence. Make it a little jump scare 😉
  5. The Joust: Currently I feel it’s random and more like a prolonged version of the Fornune Teller to me. I don’t feel like there is any stategy. Adding creature types to the knights might help and would make it a lot more fun for me.
  6. Adding a new feature: Warfare: Similar to the catapult you can use another game for this, some strategic turn-based game that has two armies batteling each other.

So these are a few of my thoughts, I hope they will inspire you to create more ideas,

hope to see you soon – Toine

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One thought on “End of the festival, go home !”

  1. I really like the idea about resetting the Dummies. I’d say make it cost tickets to reopen after the last dummy. Maybe 500 tickets or thereabouts. Doubling the HP each time I think would also be fair, on top of the price.

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