Sometimes strength is not the way


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Hello Kronos ( and other readers),

You might think, putting a lot of active higher level players together is a good thing: they finish camps quicker, they don t mind soloing a guild raid or two and all that.. but there are downsides I would like to show you.

What happens when most players finish the new content in a day or two? Well.. you re stuck with people who feel like they’re not challenged. They are so keen for new content that they jump on the opportunity to get some new stimuli. after 5 days of internal moping new content comes and the cycle continues.

Campaigns are farmed like crazy. Which aside from issue about new content above, also creates a different issue: What do you do when you have all the content of all the campaigns? The motivation drops, because there is nothing to gain except AP. And the “teamwork makes the dream work” is causing nightmares due to people not participating. Another part of the issue is that some players think: “ahh i don’t have to do a lot of damage, others will finish it.” This speaks for the trust in your guild members, but also it strains those guild members.

People think you’re an elitist. Having a lot of high level players causes people who aren’t at that level to get frustrated, they sometimes feel like their own accomplishments are overshadowed and are a lot less forgiving when something goes wrong. I guess it s because there is this view on high level players that they are god among men or something. Let me tell you this:

  • No one is perfect
  • Power is gained through time
  • Wisdom is gained through falling and getting back up

And trust me, high level players have fallen a lot and will continue to do so. The perception that high level players don’t mess up is ridicilous, but they often hide it, because some know what kind of backlash it causes if it affects others.

So maybe it’s best to have a mixed guild. A guild where the requirements are appreciation for each other, a two-way street of effort towards each other, based on kindness instead of a level requirement. Maybe it’s an idea to split up parts of a high level guild and make them officers in other guilds, to guide them, to help them to grow and flourish.

I hope you enjoyed this post, thank you for reading and see you soon. – Toine


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5 thoughts on “Sometimes strength is not the way”

  1. From my experiences in SoH as a the person who does most of the camp killing there, I can say that this is way more fun than being one in many who could and needing to worry about camp-less times during the week.

    I would love getting a new challenge, that gives new, worthwhile rewards for each camp(as well as AP) to lengthen the period they are interesting.

    Maybe something like: increases each node’s health to 10x the normal, chance to drop item x(maybe amulet, not really speacial) from any node on top of the normal rewards, chance to drop item y(freemium-like unique, improved by total number of item x) from the end loot.

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