How to do the war-event

Hello Community,

it seems we’re a little behind on the war event, so lets discuss some tips and tricks, so we can do this !

  1. All players should click the banner on top of the home page and summon all 3 raids whenever they are off cooldown. Just share them and don’t worry about them. war
  2. If you have an account on another server, or if you’re willing to make one, go there and summon for the other servers; the community tier is cross platform, so you’ll just help yourself as well.
  3. Tell newer players what to do, or be smart and send them this post.
  4. Giants are in short supply, mostly because there are a lot of players who have too much energy compared to stamina and honor. So limit yourself to 10 billion on giants and spend your energy on Elites or quest.
  5. Do not apply Greater Impending Doom, Eyes of the Walrus or any other magic if you’re not sure. Dragonbreath, Raise Dead and Guster’s Fault are nice magics to apply.
  6. Most importantly, be sure to donate the items you get from the war event. There is no other use for them except donating them.

Hope this helps – Toine


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