The Mutik script

Hi Community,

Ever since the public raids tab was introduced, less people are using the Mutik script, mostly because they feel joining raids was the only interesting feature, with this post i will touch on some other things it can do:

  1. The /raid-command:  if you want to know the tiers of a raid, you could use wiki or ask around, but the easiest way is to use this command. /raid riddler for instance will show you that doing 100 million will get you 7 epics, while doing 400 gives you only 10. So pick the right damage for you with this feature.
  2. The Alliance chat: If you are in alliance with another guild, you can make a shared chat, my going to opts/ alliance chat options. You’ll need a server of course. In this chat you can post youtube links and they play as you click on them.
  3. The /reload-command: Refreshing the game can be done with F5, but that will cause the whole page to reload, you can choose to only reload the game with this command and be done quicker.

To install mutik follow the link here

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