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Kronos has always done a lot of campaigns and I’d like to share some useful tips and tricks with you guys, which we had to find out the hard way. Doing campaigns is hard for many guilds and my intent with this post is to help leaders and officers give a clear view on what to do. So let’s get started:

General trick for all campaigns

Join any camp you can, if you simply view a node ( by entering it, you ll receive AP when it dies.

Bastion of Blood:


To manage the BoB campaign, just tell the players to skip the optionals, which are all 100 man nodes. By skipping these, it is a less difficult path to the boss. Another tip is to have people focus on the path on the right, the path on the left is a lot less damage intensive.

Monsters and Magma:


This MaM camp has a beginner level strategy. What I would do is put a cap on all the 25 man nodes (especially the 4 in the middle) so more people can hit them before smashing the bigger nodes that follow.

Funny Fact: Gold nodes do not provide AP like in any other campaign.

Grey Death:


I am going to say something weird, but trust me on this:  put a 200 million damage cap on node 1 of the GD. Uncap it when node 14 dies. It will create a more logical flow of the campaign. Another tip is to always do this camp on fatigued so it drops rare spawn boxes. These boxes have items from all those hard-to-get gold nodes from the first 3 campaigns.

Giants of Chalua:


Some people don’t know this, but you can reset a campaign if no one has done damage yet. Since the first node of the GoC could be a gold, you’re better off resetting the campaign until you summon a gold node.  it is a matter of patience. Just make sure in advance to tell the players not to hit until you give them the okay to hit.

When the two nodes just before the boss spawn, cap the lower left one; if the upper node dies it could reveal a gold node. Especially with the endurance challenge, this tactic could give you a bit more time to tackle that gold node.

For guilds that do fatigued: more gear awaits you in the end loot.

Frozen War: 


This FW camp is pretty straitforward, not counting the 2 bosses. When you have to choose which to hit, I would skip the boss with the prefix “frightened mount”. If your guild is doing this campaign on normal, don’t go beyond the collection node. There is little to gain from that path.

A tip: to prevent people from hitting the wrong boss, post “do not hit”in the boss you wll skip. Also ask all players to leave the node you will skip to prevent people getting confused.

Nightmare Queen: 


The NMQ camp has an interesting path. Starting from node 4 is makes an S-shape here. (the most southern node to the right is a mandatory as well) What does this mean? To advance on the main path while trying to prevent people from hitting the optionals, you will have to put a damage cap on node 5 and 15 until it is needed to kill them to open the mandatory path. Try it for a successful completion!

If you want so save yourself a bit of headache you could post this picture and say:

  • red X = skip
  • orange= wait till boss to hit this node ( we could skip them)
  • light blue = take those nodes slow
  • dark blue= focus on these nodes

Funny Fact: Gold nodes provide AP if you join them, regardless if you do damage.




Check for updates concerning the Risen Temple campaign

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