Trimming the Fat

Hello Community,

In the past we have had a lot of people who made a guild. Some should have, some really shouldn’t have bothered. The result of this trent is clear at this time: We have a lot of guilds with a handful of actives. At the same time your own guild is most likely struggling with recruiting. So this is my suggestion:

Find those guilds with low amounts of active players. You can use this link by sorting it on active players. Post on their walls, friend them and see when they are online, give these players a guild where they can feel at home and be part of something inspirational. Show them the way to play this game, get them involved!

As you are doing this, I will speak to the devs and suggest removing inactive guilds, to prevent newer players from joining them and feeling like silence is the best this game has to offer.

I am sure you see the benifit of getting a few more active players in your guild, all you have to do is take initiative. If you don’t … maybe someone else will and your guild will slowly fall to silence as well.

Hope this helps- Toine

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