What to do when you’re new to the game

Hi and welcome !

This game can be a bit overwhelming if you re starting out. So here are a few tips:

1 join an active guild

You can join a guild by clicking the guild button ( on the upper tab) or asking in the chat for one.

These guilds below have the highest amount of active players. A big part of the enjoyment comes from being in a guild. If you feel alone in your guild, quit it by clicking the guild flag in the middle of the guild room and join an active one. ( I would suggest NOT to join a public guild like Arachnia’s Silk Collectors)

When you’ve  joined a guild, and you re in, refresh. Then after the refresh, click the cog at the top of the kongregate chat. Select “change rooms”and choose your guild as a room. You then have a tab called “guild”.

2 Ask in your guild to get a “steed raid”

This is any raid with the magics Masters of monsters and Kahn’s gift. I say this because you might have gotten a aquatic squid mount… and most likely you are using it for your legion as well as your character. This doesn’t work. You would need a duplicate of the mount to do this. So use the steed of the western wold for now.  You most likely think: more damage is more loot, but this raid has special magics; farm it with 1 stamina hits.

3 Read the patch notes.

There is a button on the home page, that links to the patch notes. There might also be a redeem code in there. You can use this code in the bazaar by pressing the red “redeem”button.

4 Ask which raids to hit 

some raids don t give anything without a decent amount of damage. Ask which raids are good for your level.

5 Tag tag tag

Click the shield in your guild room ( left side on the wall) and join all campaigns. At least tag one node and any golden nodes you see for 1 honor. You will get end loot.

Also click the map in the guild room and tag Rhalmarius and Grundus for 1 honor. These guildraids are without tiers: you’ll get the same loot as someone doing millions or billions of damage.

Use this weird code in your search bar and hit all the raids that show up for 1 stamina/ energy:  r(ae|ra|ec|ai|w|na)|oid|gy|c\\.|ks|spir


do not hit any elite or deadly raids

do not cast magic

do not spend AP on anything but kings bounty

do not spend PC (those blue coins) unless you got advice what to use it on

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3 thoughts on “What to do when you’re new to the game”

  1. Hey Toine, I see you have put a lot of love into this guild, I respect that.

    I used to have a World of Warcraft latino guild and I did a blog which basically I -and only me- read. It’s pretty nice when you do such effort for the community you’re growing.

    I played a lot but I stopped at Echtros, so I’m covered in vs. Aquatic gear because of the Bog Bodies and Blood in the Water raids, so catching up is getting a bit hard but I’m getting the hang of it… except at PvP, I simply get wasted so much. Hence, I wonder which kind of gear I should… or anyone should be building for? against Beasts, vs. Constructs? What do you think.

    I didn’t know about the tagging, which is pretty nice to know, as well as the apps for the game, I’ll give those a look.

    I wanted also to make several questions but I’m not at your guild, I think I’ll have to climb through the ranks of Dragon Born before I can get to K2 or any of the other hardcore ones… without spending money on it 😛

    Well, it’s a pleasure to be in the guild, and let’s make the most of it 🙂


    1. Hey glad to have you aboard 🙂 well it s not like one kronos guild is better than the other, it s merely: what fits your playstyle and is obtainable, for most players starting out , being in Kronos II can be a bit much

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