Collecting festival items made… difficult!

It’s that time of the year again. The festival is in town.

I won’t go into detail about the usual questions like “which activity is best?”. Though, I’ll give my opinion if you happen to ask me in person.

I play DotD, because I like to collect things and become stronger along the way. That is why I want to focus on the festival items today.

What is new in this festival?
There is a new raid in the Vortex (Satyr Party Crashers). Personally, I threw 3.000 tickets in the godforsaken Vortex and did not get it, but there is also the opportunity to craft the raid from items that drop from the Party Crashers. So we can get it, eventually, without spending much. The “Fireworks” magic isn’t bad against magical creatures, but which Magical Creature raid in these days needs optimal magics anyways? That makes it a rather niche magic.
The catapult game (10 shots) has a new armament added. “Catapult Catapult” is a siege armament, which is not bad at start and gets very good when maxed. However it would take a LOT of catapulting to max the Catapult Catapult. A silly amount of catapulting. I gave up at 15 Catapult Catapults.
We are given the opportunity to craft a new set (Fabulous Fashion). This set is currently the best general purpose set. The mount is ranking pretty high, but is not the best. To take maximum effect of the set you need 2 Magic Sparkle Gloves, found when fighting Training Dummies.
So the incentive to get Fabulous Fashion gear is high. It costs only 55 Kasan Tokens to craft the full set. HOWEVER, you need 3 sets of previous festivals for that. If we add the costs of everything needed together the amount of Tokens needed is 565! Good for veteran players, but the new guys are pretty screwed here.

And the old items?
Joust has been revamped, so that the perception indicator shows up less frequently, but when it does show up, the chance of success is significantly higher. So they say. The top tier reward now includes a craftable that can be used to make several old premium grabbags.
Fun fact: If you start from zero, you need 5254 Kasan Tokens to make 1 of each festival item. That is mostly because the conversion from the (newer) Kasan Tokens to the (older) Terracles Tokens is very bad. 2 Kasans for 1 Terracles! It should be the other way around in my opinion. This just makes it unnecessarily hard to collect old and nowadays irrelevant items. Here is a datasheet containing all craftable festival items with token costs.

Happy festivities!
My regards,

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